Avatar in a Box Challenge

Avatar in a Box Challenge

Happy New Year! It was time to sort through old inventory folders since it was the first of the year. Some of the folders were easy to move into a larger folder where it may not be seen again. And others I had a harder time putting away. This led me to ask the question on Plurk, “how old is too old?” Just how long do you keep something in your inventory? Do you wear things more than once? I have found items that have never been worn or rezzed in world. And not just clothing items!

After thinking about these questions for awhile, and while deciding to take down some of my Christmas decorations, I remembered the Avatar in a Box Challenge. I found out about the challenge through Strawberry Singh. Vanessa Blaylock has challenged you, should you choose to accept it, to creatively arrange yourself in a box. Read her blog to find out the details of this challenge. So, I went on to put my holiday dressed avatar in a cardboard box along with the old Christmas decor, and then I set it up in the attic.

Avatar Out of the Box

Although you can’t see it very well in the box, I am wearing a very nice and new outfit. Will it ever see the outside of my inventory again? I hope it does. I do love each piece. Although the jacket and dress weren’t made to be worn together, they fit quite well together. The place that I decided to take pictures at was Katya Valeska’s sim, An Lar Estates. This beautiful place was developed by Neva Crystall, and every view is picture perfect.

An Lars Estates

Kirin – December Pose
-tres blah- Lame Cropped Jacket (S) – Gold (N21)
Just a note: N21 ends Jan 10 and the current jacket (and rompers) won’t be available ever again.
-tres blah- Overture Satin Dress (XS) – Cameo Pink (Uber)
ANE Opulence Heels GOLD (Uber)
L&B Swear “Love My Cat” Necklace – Women (KittyCats! Advent Calendar)
TRUTH HAIR Demelza [w/o Headband]
Glam Affair – December skin – Asia 05 F
Pink Fuel – Harley Sheer Gloss – Dolly Red
Alaska Metro Nail Polish Applier
IKON Hope Eyes – Moor
Slink Hands & Feet
Strawberry Singh Eyelash Tattoo

Box Picture:
Pose – !bang – the cube (pose taken out of the cube)
Apple Fall – Worn Luggage Bag, His Sideboard RARE, Dress Form, Slipcover Chair, Tabletop Tree
[North West] Bunch of frames w/ shadow (closed)
dust bunny – the dreamers cottage
Tabby Cattaneo – KittyCardboardBox (2007-not sure this primmy box is for sale anymore)
Self created box I am in for this picture

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Caroline Apollo™

Blogging cute clothes or decor that I find in Second Life

One thought on “Avatar in a Box Challenge”

  1. Hi Caroline! Thanks so much for playing, and what a fun photo!

    Speaking of Inventory and Boxes/Folders and will you ever Wear / Rez / Use it again, we’ve got an Inventory count board up at Izzy’s Gym:
    Inventory Count Board

    If you like you can drop by and add yourself:

    It’s amazing how big, or small, an inventory can be!

    Your Holiday Avatar & Tree in a Box in the Attic is really fun. Charming. And a little sad. I do try to toss a lot of things. I’ve done about 5 years of SL performance art, so I do keep the old wardrobe. I’m relatively sure it won’t be used again, but I suppose it’s a kind of nice personal history museum.

    Hmm… maybe this should be a future challenge… or blog post… or something… haha, “The Spring Cleaning Challenge”

    You’ve probably heard the RL “decluttering” advice, I think it’s for clothes, but probably applies to stuff too, “If you haven’t worn (used) it in a year, toss it!”

    I read an article somewhere about someone who decided to do that by moving ALL their clothes into the hall closet. Whenever they wore something, they moved it back into the bedroom closet. And then a year later, anything STILL in the hall closet — toss it!

    The author of the article commented that the cool bonus was that every time they pulled something out of the hall closet to wear, it was like getting a new outfit – for free!

    Of course in SL that’d be easy, right? Just make a “Bedroom Closet” folder and a “Hall Closet” folder, and put all your clothes (or stuff) in the hall closet. Then in Jan ’16… dramatic drum roll please… delete the Hall Closet!

    Thanks again for playing Caroline! Hope to see you in-world sometime!

    — Vanessa


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