I’ve been in Second Life since 2003! After just a short time in world I began making jewelry. This went from December 2003 to around early 2014. This blog that you are reading was made because I went from creating my own to blogging others’ designs. My old blog can be found on blogspot.

I really enjoy taking pictures in Second Life. Learning how to make my images better is a constant. Over the years I have seen so many wonderful changes in this world. Mesh has made a significant difference in everything from our look to our homes. Now every little detail can be added to a creation and not use up much land impact (li).

As a blogger, I mainly write about fashion that I’m loving and the decor that is used for scene setups. I always list slurls to events or main stores, and I list everything if I have created the scene. Designers are more than welcome to send me items to look at. If I like it you’ll see it on my blog.

I do on occasion blog for a few fashion designers. I blog what I think looks good and that I’d wear. My friends also send me their creations and you’ll sometimes find those on my blog. I don’t apply for every blogger position that opens. I apply for those whose fashion I love and wear already. So, if you see the brand on my blog it is because I think their designs are amazing and I want to share them with you.

edit July 2018: After the great computer crash I didn’t really feel like blogging as much. If it isn’t fun then why do it. I do enjoy the foods people create in Second Life and pairing it up with a real recipe. I may blog fashion here and there, but as of now it will be food! Hope you enjoy my posts!

For transparency, the following list are either friends that sent me items or designers that I blog or blogged for in the past.

AlaskaMetro, Alt by Truth, ANE, An Lar Poses, Blueberry, Cae Jewelry, Exile Hair, Glam Affair, Ingenue, Kirin Poses, N21 Event, Neve, Rebel Hope, and Truth Hair

If you’d like to contact me in world – Caroline Apollo. You can also email my gmail account carolineapollo@.

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