My 14th Year Rezday in Second Life

14 Years and Still Kicking

14 years ago today my avatar, Caroline Apollo, rezzed in Linden Lab’s Second Life. My one regret is that I didn’t become a Lifetime Member when it was offered. I just didn’t see myself staying around for long. I came up with a list of the 14 things that I love about Second Life. I am sure that I am missing a few, but this is off the top of my head. This is in no particular order.

  1. Becoming a Truth and Glam Affair blogger. I have loved these brands for so long. And to be on the blog team was a huge thrill! I love all of the brands I blog!
  2. All of the crazy and fun times with friends being silly. The social bonds keep me coming back. I do miss the friends from my first years that quit logging in. But I have become closer with friends like Gogo, Betty, and Ane.
  3. Mesh. Wow did that change Second Life. We save on land impact and can rez more decor. The mesh clothes, hair, bodies, and heads have just had such an impact on Second Life.
  4. Bento. Hand gestures, hair designs, better facial expressions, individuality with our faces are possible with bento.
  5. Gacha. I LOVE playing gacha. (<3 DustBunny)
  6. Removal of taxes. Thank you, Linden Labs, for stopping the ridiculous taxing.
  7. Removal of teleport fee. Can you imagine paying to teleport?
  8. Windlight. Without it our pictures and our views would be flat.
  9. Owning my very own sim. I can remember the day I got it. And the friends I have made through it.
  10. Experience of being a creator. I started creating jewelry not long after joining Second Life. I stopped in early 2014. People still buy it on Marketplace. I’m not sure why though.
  11. Plurk. Even though some residents no longer login to Second Life they are still present on Plurk. I am also able to keep up with new releases and events. I don’t really read feeds. If it isn’t on Plurk or Flickr I will probably miss it.
  12. Freedom to do whatever. Build, take pictures, make friends, there is no goal.
  13. Animals like KittyCats. First, I love cats irl. Having animated cats in Second Life makes me happy!
  14. Creators. I love you guys. Thank you for making my home and myself so pretty.

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I Was Looking For LOVE and You Won’t Believe Where I Found It

One sure place to go when looking for SecondLife destinations is Ziki Quest’s blog. I am not sure how she does it, but Ziki manages to find the best and most photographic sims. I needed such a sim too write this post and found a blog entry on a Wendy Xeno creation called HuMaNoiD. Read Ziki’s blog entry found here. There are so many calm and relaxing spots in one little area. I chose to use the section with the LOVE block letters. HuMaNoiD is only open until the end of July. If you would like a nice place to take pictures, meditate, or just miss the old sim then you should come visit. Do remember that if there are other avatars there in a spot you would like to photograph that you should derender them instead of just pushing them off of your scene. Here is how: Right Click on the Avatar choose MORE > DERENDER > TEMPORARY. You can do that on anything or any person that you don’t want to have in your picture. It also helps when you are at a laggy sim and want to shop!

love letters

coldLogic is having a huge 50% off sale at their main store through July 5th. They have even put the newest released items on sale. This is mostly unheard of in SecondLife sales. My favorite of the new releases are the kidd shorts. I love the plaids and the cut. Each of the shorts from all 4 sets come with loops or no loops. Also included is a Physique body fit. coldLogic does not yet have a “made for Maitreya” version. This is all right though because the clothes fit the body just fine with the Maitreya alpha hud selections.

Maitreya has really helped the community by releasing an AutoHide BodyFaces script package for mesh clothing. This was made for designers to put in their clothes to hide body parts that would otherwise poke through the piece. Forget the click-click-click of the hud for each article of clothing you want to wear. No longer does it have to be such a bother when changing from pants to a skirt, or from wearing a scoop neck to a v-neck shirt. Hopefully creators will pick up on this gem. I found out about it from reading Strawberry Singh’s blog. Adding the script to the clothing was super easy. Drop the script in the clothing, choose which areas to hide on a config notecard, drop that in the article of clothing and wear! If it is no mod then just create a prim, put the script and notecard in it, and wear the prim. You could place a transparent texture on this prim or just hide it inside your body. I am going to be hopeful that developers will learn of this and start adding it for us. It is free! Use it and you will Love it!

The shoes that I am wearing with each outfit are Ingenue Esmee Sandals. They are available in 12 colors or a fat pack. The Esmee Sandals are from the Collabor88 event that is going on now. You can see how adorable they are close up on my earlier blog post. My Elikatira hair is also from the same event. This is the Lena hair style in the essentials pack, and I think it is the best pack since you get all of the standard colors.

Arcade is almost over and I hope you picked up the skins from Pink Fuel gacha machine. How often can you get a current skin for L$100? I don’t want to take this beautiful skin off. Pink Fuel makes such soft and pretty skins. The makeup is light and not overdone. You will be happy to know that appliers for the Biscuit tone are on sale in the Pink Fuel store until June 30th. I realized that I have over worn my Strawberry Singh eyelash tattoos and would like to venture into others. Let me know of eyelash tattoo brands that you think that I should check out. Eyelash tattoos are just more photogenic than mesh ones though I do wear both on occasion.

Thanks for reading!
Caroline Apollo ❤

tl;dr coldLogic SALE, try the Maitreya AutoHide BodyFaces, visit HuMaNoid, be nice and derender!

In Order as shown:
coldLogic shirt – linke – blue
coldLogic short 151 – luce – sage
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Sand

coldLogic shirt – kerr – mint
coldLogic short 151 – fant – khaki
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Surf

coldLogic shirt – falls – buff
coldLogic short 151 – kidd – grey sky
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Sand

coldLogic shirt – dillon – aurora
coldLogic short 151 – durst – cloud
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Lilac

coldLogic Sale!
Shirts shown L$225 Quantum Pack L$600 (half off these prices)
Shorts shown L$250 Quantum Pack L$650 (half off these prices)
Elikatira [e] Lena Hair – Essentials pack – Collabor88 L$188
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals Collabor88 L$188
Pink Fuel [PF] Elsie – Lid 01 – (brown/light) Arcade L$100 gacha
!Bang Poses – Stands Pack 490-494 L$200

Staples / SLURLS – Eyelash tattoo
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
IKON Hope Eyes – Moor