Paris – The City of Love & Shopping

Paris Je T'aime
Shopping in Paris / Click to enlarge

One of my favorite events in SecondLife is Fifty Linden Friday. This is the one day of the week that we get to buy things from our favorite and new-to-us creators at a huge discount. The one day that everyone can afford to look great. This week I picked up hair from Elikatira in an exclusive FLF color pack. I also bought a ring from ieQED and a bag from C’est la vie. These both came in all colors. All necessary and great accessories.

My fitted mesh dress is new from Paper Arrow and comes fit for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and standard sizing. The top can be changed to one of 20 colors by hud. The photo was taken in Paris Je’Taime, where fashion happens. Or at least where a lot of bloggers take their pictures.

!bang – ice queen pose
paper.arrow breezy.dress confetti @Uber
paper.arrow leaf.necklace gold
ieQED rose.ring.all
elikatira – Brielle 2
Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Peppermint Blue – Matte (Group Gift)
::C’est la vie !:: Harriet Bag
ANE – 602 Classic Watch – Pearl
-Glam Affair – Caroline Skin – New Day – America
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.4 – Casual
IKON – Triumph Eyes Fjord
Maitreya – mesh body Lara

Peeking Under the Christmas Tree

Peeking Under the Tree

Do you like peeking at presents under the tree? Sometimes I just can’t help wondering what is in the pretty wrapped packages. I admit that I will shake them, and I can usually guess my gifts. My silly little tuxedo kitten was checking out things under the tree himself.

Unfortunately, Manicure Monday was delayed because I took a sick day. Maybe we should call it Wet Nails Wednesday. The nail appliers that I have picked out for this week are from Hello Dave. This store participated in Lazy Sunday with the Christmas Party nail appliers pack. This set comes in 35 colors. Upon arriving at the store I noticed an advent calendar. Simply join the group for free and click the days of the calendar for the very generous nail appliers. A free one for every day of December!

Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Christmas Party in 35 colors
Slink Hands Casual and Relaxed

Winter Blue

Speaking of gifts and generosity, neve by ColdLogic has this fitted mesh sweater set at the main store set out as a gift for all. You do not have to join the group to get it. The top comes in green, red, blue, and gray. The undershirt also comes in 4 colors or can be hidden. Each is texture change by hud. This is my favorite top from the neve team, and it is an awesome gift from them.

Repose Gift (seasonal) for PRESENT DAY 10 (worn) @ Winter Gacha Festival
{what next} Wintery Porch Sign (boxed) used as decor
{what next} Wintery Porch Sign
JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas – Tuxedo Kitten @ Winter Gacha Festival
MudHoney Shabby Giftboxes
dust bunny . porcelain deer @ The Arcade
Trompe Loeil – Washbasin Planter & Hedge @ The Arcade
!Ohmai: Doilie Tree Skirt @ Tannenbaum
Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
!Ohmai: Twine Ornament [Natural] @ Tannenbaum
dust bunny . camellia stool

neve top – easy fairIsle – Lara Gift for All
neve legging – zeezee neutral – Lara
Ingenue ::  Amelia Boots :: Coal @ Collabor88
[e] Hosanna – Essentials – RARE @ Winter Gacha Festival
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Slink Hands Relaxed and Casual
Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
IKON Triumph Eyes – Fjord

In the close up I am wearing Glam Affair – Caroline
Pose by RePose @ Winter Gacha Festival

The second shot I am wearing LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin
Pose by elephante poses – Holly for N21

A Little Shopping Can Leave You Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

I have loved Kirin’s poses since I first found out about them. It is no wonder that Carolina’s poses are so nice since she takes many gorgeous pictures. The sitting pretty poses that Kirin has out at Kustom 9 are really well done. I wish that furniture makers would collaborate with her on their sitting poses. This Sitting Pretty Pose Pack contains 10 poses and is super inexpensive.

Uber has so many great choices this round. The theme for the event this month is Street Style. Tres Blah has always been a favorite of mine with clothing and decor. Knowing that I wanted pants to use with the sitting poses I had to get her new Sophie jeans. You get both the cuffed and the uncuffed jeans. Included are fits for the Maitreya Lara Body. The fun and sexy top is from Addams; a brand that I honestly have never purchased from before. I love buying from a brand that makes a fit for my body. I really don’t want to be bothered with making things look like they fit. Addams has included Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, and the regular avatar body sizes.

REIGN recently participated in Fifty Linden Fridays with the Adley Wedges. Included in the pack were 8 colors of shoes for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, and TMP bodies. These shoes are so hot and go perfectly with my casual outfit! My flowing blonde locks are a gift that I picked up at the Hair Fair from Elikatira. The Kara hairstyle came with the essentials hud. This means that you get to try out the blondes, browns, blacks, red, white and dipped colors. The hair bow is color change with a huge variety of colors and patterns. I love it!

Mermaid Jewelry

My jewelry was made by +Pepper+ for the Seasons Story and Wayward Carnival. These two events end July 30th. The delicate set is called I’m really a mermaid. The three rings have pearls, shells, and a starfish. I think this set is adorable and really well made. I’m wearing the Maitreya fit rings. The pearl on the ring and necklace comes in mint, lilac, white, peach, and teal colors.

Kirin – Sitting Pretty Pose Pack – Kustom 9 L$95
-tres blah- Sophie Jeans (MF) – Dark Wash – Uber L$250
Addams // Suede Foxy Top // Maitreya in Turquoise – Uber L$215
REIGN.– Adley Wedges (M-Mid)- Tan
Elikatira – [e] Kara in Essentials *gift from Hair Fair (now over)

Where to get it:
+Pepper+ :: I’m really a Mermaid :: Teal necklace – Seasons Story L$99
+Pepper+ :: I’m really a Mermaid :: Teal rings (Maitreya L) – Wayward Carnival L$99
+Pepper+ :: I’m really a Mermaid :: White rings (Maitreya R) – Wayward Carnival L$99

Glam Affair – Eles America 05 F
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Clarity
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock v2.0 – Marketplace
Acid & Mala .:A&M:. Black Eyeliner – Feline – Marketplace This is a really old eyeliner that I found in my inventory from 2010. The item is still on marketplace.

I Was Looking For LOVE and You Won’t Believe Where I Found It

One sure place to go when looking for SecondLife destinations is Ziki Quest’s blog. I am not sure how she does it, but Ziki manages to find the best and most photographic sims. I needed such a sim too write this post and found a blog entry on a Wendy Xeno creation called HuMaNoiD. Read Ziki’s blog entry found here. There are so many calm and relaxing spots in one little area. I chose to use the section with the LOVE block letters. HuMaNoiD is only open until the end of July. If you would like a nice place to take pictures, meditate, or just miss the old sim then you should come visit. Do remember that if there are other avatars there in a spot you would like to photograph that you should derender them instead of just pushing them off of your scene. Here is how: Right Click on the Avatar choose MORE > DERENDER > TEMPORARY. You can do that on anything or any person that you don’t want to have in your picture. It also helps when you are at a laggy sim and want to shop!

love letters

coldLogic is having a huge 50% off sale at their main store through July 5th. They have even put the newest released items on sale. This is mostly unheard of in SecondLife sales. My favorite of the new releases are the kidd shorts. I love the plaids and the cut. Each of the shorts from all 4 sets come with loops or no loops. Also included is a Physique body fit. coldLogic does not yet have a “made for Maitreya” version. This is all right though because the clothes fit the body just fine with the Maitreya alpha hud selections.

Maitreya has really helped the community by releasing an AutoHide BodyFaces script package for mesh clothing. This was made for designers to put in their clothes to hide body parts that would otherwise poke through the piece. Forget the click-click-click of the hud for each article of clothing you want to wear. No longer does it have to be such a bother when changing from pants to a skirt, or from wearing a scoop neck to a v-neck shirt. Hopefully creators will pick up on this gem. I found out about it from reading Strawberry Singh’s blog. Adding the script to the clothing was super easy. Drop the script in the clothing, choose which areas to hide on a config notecard, drop that in the article of clothing and wear! If it is no mod then just create a prim, put the script and notecard in it, and wear the prim. You could place a transparent texture on this prim or just hide it inside your body. I am going to be hopeful that developers will learn of this and start adding it for us. It is free! Use it and you will Love it!

The shoes that I am wearing with each outfit are Ingenue Esmee Sandals. They are available in 12 colors or a fat pack. The Esmee Sandals are from the Collabor88 event that is going on now. You can see how adorable they are close up on my earlier blog post. My Elikatira hair is also from the same event. This is the Lena hair style in the essentials pack, and I think it is the best pack since you get all of the standard colors.

Arcade is almost over and I hope you picked up the skins from Pink Fuel gacha machine. How often can you get a current skin for L$100? I don’t want to take this beautiful skin off. Pink Fuel makes such soft and pretty skins. The makeup is light and not overdone. You will be happy to know that appliers for the Biscuit tone are on sale in the Pink Fuel store until June 30th. I realized that I have over worn my Strawberry Singh eyelash tattoos and would like to venture into others. Let me know of eyelash tattoo brands that you think that I should check out. Eyelash tattoos are just more photogenic than mesh ones though I do wear both on occasion.

Thanks for reading!
Caroline Apollo ❤

tl;dr coldLogic SALE, try the Maitreya AutoHide BodyFaces, visit HuMaNoid, be nice and derender!

In Order as shown:
coldLogic shirt – linke – blue
coldLogic short 151 – luce – sage
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Sand

coldLogic shirt – kerr – mint
coldLogic short 151 – fant – khaki
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Surf

coldLogic shirt – falls – buff
coldLogic short 151 – kidd – grey sky
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Sand

coldLogic shirt – dillon – aurora
coldLogic short 151 – durst – cloud
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Lilac

coldLogic Sale!
Shirts shown L$225 Quantum Pack L$600 (half off these prices)
Shorts shown L$250 Quantum Pack L$650 (half off these prices)
Elikatira [e] Lena Hair – Essentials pack – Collabor88 L$188
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals Collabor88 L$188
Pink Fuel [PF] Elsie – Lid 01 – (brown/light) Arcade L$100 gacha
!Bang Poses – Stands Pack 490-494 L$200

Staples / SLURLS – Eyelash tattoo
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
IKON Hope Eyes – Moor

So I made the Most Wanted list

I was really just minding my own business. Logging in and shopping for nice things to wear or to decorate my place with. It is what I do now a days. Then it happened just like that. I was at The Arcade and ended up with Intrigue Co. putting me on the Most Wanted: Oldbie list.

The Arcade has always been one of my favorite events in Second Life. Some people like to complain about gacha events, but where else can you get a nice couch or gorgeous hair for L$50? I picked up this fun sexy beach hair from Olive, several Pink Fuel Skins (yay!!), a most fitting Most Wanted sign from Intrigue. These signs are so much fun, and my rez date is 2003 making me guilty as charged. I purchased a lot of great things that I will look fabulous in or add style to my house. The summer theme that most have seemed to go with is perfect for getting us Second Lifers into beach season!

Beach Hut

Now that I have been placed on the most wanted list I’ve got to hide out at my place on the beach. In the background you can see my hideaway friend, MishMish Pygmy Hippo, is catching some rays. The dust bunny umbrella is working hard at keeping the sun off of our delicate skin. This is our new Windsong Beach hut that is at Summerfest. It is the perfect one room hut for the beach shore. As you can see, I stopped by Collabor88 before hopping off to the beach. Another favorite event of mine where I found a cute romper from Tres Blah, and Ingenue had the most perfect shoes to match. Elikapeka Tiramisu has been a long time hair designer that I’ve admired. I was happy to see her items at C88 this month.

Beach Hideout

The marukin poses are also at C88. These poses are made for showing off jewelry and/or lips. Seven poses are included in the pack for just L$88. Most of them just have slight differences. They are perfect for using them in ads or blogs to show off jewelry better in pictures. The necklace was from a Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) event. That Friday has since passed but the necklace is still for sale in the mainstore.

The Arcade
.Olive. the Sweetpea Hair – Blondes (worn in “most wanted” picture)
[PF] Pink Fuel – Elsie – Lid 01 – (blonde/light)
MishMish – Pygmy Hippo 5 – Relaxing
MudHoney Grassy Plant
erratic / lsm – lorraine- bed RARE
dust bunny . shade umbrella
dust bunny . life ring
dust bunny . costal vases
dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint
dust bunny . beach bag . cream

-tres blah- Cheeky Romper – Yellow L$188
Ingenue :: Esmee Sandals (Maitreya) :: Sunshine L$188
(marukin) closeup jewellip series Poses L$88
[e] elikatira Lena Hair L$188

Summerfest (opens June 20)
windsong. { beach hut w. dock }

Seraphim 4th Birthday.
:Moon Amore: Pineapple Ring (gift)
:Moon Amore: Orange Ring (gift)

MOLiCHiNO Tri-Necklace
ANE Cateye Sunglases (gift)
IKON Charm Eyes – Brown
IKON Hope Eyes – Moor (worn in “Most Wanted” picture) – Eyelash -1
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.3