Summer Fun

Summer Fun

I love summer! The clothes, the hair, and the fun! Have you noticed that Exile now makes bento hair? This means it moves ever so slightly like the wind is catching it. The cute clothes from Blueberry come with so many color change options. You can change the metal, tops, bottoms, or straps. The Kirin poses are fun for summer. I love the beach ball prop.

My avatar on the left is wearing the new Akeruka Lulu head that was an anniversary gift. I found the eyebrows to be really odd if wearing any other skin than their brand. And even with some of theirs it didn’t look right. Unless you light straight lines for eyebrows. Have you found a skin that looks great on the Lulu head?

p.s. Blueberry is having a HUGE sale that ends July 14th!

There are a lot of credits since there are 3 outfits. You can get them after the cut!

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