Banana Split

Banana Couch

I knew that I’d end up with more bakery goods if I visited the Candy Fair. This event ends October 17th. I picked up some jars of candies from the 8f8 gacha, which was only 25L a pull for a change. 8f8 also had the super pretty Cupcake Lights. You get one to hang and one to place on something. I love the delicate roses wrapped around the cage. ANE had cake stands full of cupcakes and strawberries. She also had these really cool tables with melted sauce dripping from them, such as chocolate, whipped cream, etc. On my trip to C88 I had to get this beautiful lantern clock. You get both the clock and the lantern version with your purchase. Love it.

Candy Fair
8f8 – Mange Destin 03 – Lolly swirl candies
8f8 – Mange Destin 02 – Sweet fruity lolly pops
8f8 – Mange Destin 01 – Candy canes
ANE Cake Stand with Cupcakes
ANE Delicious Melted Table Strawberry
8f8 – Cupcake Light – White

floorplan. lantern clock / nikel

Funky*Junk Stacked Pumpkin Topiary
Scarlet Creative Rockin Sofa – Banana Split
Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug – Light
BoOgErS White Wabbit Bear
dust bunny . vintage bakery


Fall Setting

Fall Setting

Apple Fall has a new release at The Chapter Four. This is a pottery dining table and chairs, pearl chandelier, and pumpkin place settings. I thought it went perfectly with the Teal Teacups from the recent AF teacup gacha. I paired it up with LaCahute’s Country French Vitrine. All of it is set in the Apple Fall Mayfair Skybox. The pearl chandelier can be turned on and off. If you know a little about scripting you could edit the light script to not be so bright. The beautiful place setting has pumpkins and fall leaves in the design. A tiny leaf lays on the place mat.

Fall Setting
fall setting

The Chapter Four
Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier
Apple Fall Pumpkin Place Setting
Apple Fall Pottery Dining Table
Apple Fall Pottery Dining Chair

The Gacha Mania (ends soon)
{LaCahute} Country French Vitrine RARE
{LaCahute} Ceramic Milk Bottle
{LaCahute} Lemon Bowl
{LaCahute} Cooking Pots
{LaCahute} Pile of Plates & Cups
{LaCahute} Vintage Cake Stand
{LaCahute} Serviteur Muet en Porcelaine
{LaCahute} Weathered Pot Plant
{LaCahute} Antique Boite de Vin

Apple Fall mainstore
Apple Fall Annan Reclaimed Shelving
Apple Fall Ceramic Chubby Squirrel
Apple Fall Decorative Artichokes
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Landscape)
Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch (discontinued)
Apple Fall Cottage Chair (Bleached)
{what next} Farnham Rug
{what next} Maison Drapes

Seasons Change

Annan Adored just shared with everyone some of her windlights. I am using cozy interior in this shot. Download them from the link above and test them out. These are really gorgeous! I was looking for a fall sim and found this one. It had several animals set out on it. I found this great dane dog, and I love this type. These are some of the sweetest and most gentle giants, and they really are this tall in real life. The pose is from !BANG at My Slink Obsession. These are perfect for showing off jewelry or anything on the hands or wrists. You get 5 poses and 1 bonus pose.

Seasons Change

Shoes ANE Classic Aura Leather 02 – The Chapter Four
Eaters Coma – HAIR 58 – Uber
POSE !bang – hands 01-05 with Bonus – My Slink Obsession
K (by Kitt Ragu) – Wrap Coat Femme Beige – FaMESHed

coldLogic skirt – leu.cocoa
Half-Deer – Forest’s Tale – Heart Key Necklace – White
Pink Fuel Group Gift – September 2014
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes – Hazel
Slink casual hands and medium feet
beauty by alaskametro❤ SLINK manicure applier – Pastel/Gold

Brewster’s Brew

Brewster's Brew

I love cupcakes. They are the perfect size and no plate or fork is needed to enjoy the delicious dessert. With so many choices here I can’t seem to make up my mind.

This is the start of my visiting bakeries and coffee shops in SecondLife and sharing them with you. These places are filled with so many items inside that I will just be sharing a few items of the items.

The bakery building is a new release from dust bunny. Inside and out you can find goodies from 8f8 La Petite Joie Cafe gacha, which is at the current Arcade round. This round ends soon, but you will be able to play the gacha at the 8f8 main store. The fall pumpkins decor out front comes from PILOT. The inside is decorated with goodies from Tres Blah, 8f8 (current and past gacha), and Pilot. Tres Blah has made my favorite desserts found in SecondLife. Her desserts are cute, fun, and not too lifelike. All of the Tres Blah items are from gacha machines that can now be found in her main store.

Visit Brewster’s Brew in SecondLife. Pop by and see the yummies!

Brewsters Brew

dust bunny – vintage bakery
PILOT – Crate Pumpkin Display
8f8 La Petite Joie Cafe Gacha @ The Arcade
8f8 Main store
Tres Blah Main Store

Poses by !Bang 435, 436
All items on Caroline blogged previously here

Autumn Love


Finally, autumn is here. I love drinking hot cocoa or coffee on a nice fall day. The colorful leaves gracefully descending all around is so peaceful. I knew that autumn had arrived in SecondLife when coldlogic released their fall collection. There are so many pieces that you can pair up together to have your own fashionable look.

coldLogic skirt – leu.cocoa
coldLogic combo – shirt – clapp.khaki
coldLogic combo – belt – clapp.sorbet

beauty by alaskametro<3 SLINK appliers – Vamp/Silver
Pink Fuel – Group Gift – September 2014
Ingenue – Nanette Wedges (Slink Add-On)
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes – Hazel
Half-Deer – Forest’s Tale – Heart Key Necklace – White (Arcade Sept ’14)
What Next – sm coffee
Kirin – Asuka Pose
SLINK Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual / Feet – Mid

Taken on Sunshine Mist


Tea Party

Tea Party

Here I am waiting for Gogo to stop setting (or sitting on) the table and join me for tea. The tea cups are from Apple Fall. These cups are simply gorgeous. I went back to Kustom9 today for 1 more pull at Apple Fall’s gacha machine. I got the rare teacup. Finally. ❤

The table and chairs are also from Apple Fall. These are new at the Home and Garden Expo. The large clock on the wall is actually the pocket watch from the Apple Fall teacup gacha. I just resized it to large! Love it!

Home and Garden Expo
Apple Fall Cafe Table (Rose)
Apple Fall Toile Chair (Stain)
Apple Fall Cottage Chair (Bleached)

(AF aka Apple Fall)
AF Teacup Rose
AF Blueberries
AF Teacup Pearls RARE
AF Teacup Teal
AF Rose Bouquet
AF Pocket Watch

AF Old Mayfair Skybox RARE

From Mainstores:
BoOgErS – Pink Bunneh Bear
Apple Fall – Tiffany Tea Pot RARE
tres blah – Pastry Mania – Cuppie Teacup RARE
tres blah – Tea Time – Stacked Cups
tres blah – Tea Time – TeaPot
tres blah – Tea Time – Tea Cup
tres blah – Tea Time – Tea and Crumpets RARE
LISP – Mesh – Jacob Display Case
North West – Havisham main room curtains (FT) Rug (*closed)
Clothes, Skin, Hair
Shoes Ingenue Sheila at Collabor88

Darcy Cottage

Funky Junk Darcy Cottage

This cute little cottage is offered by Funky Junk for the Home and Garden Expo. The Darcy Cottage has two rooms on the main floor and a loft. A couple of things that I really liked were the built in cabinet and the garden shed. I displayed my tea collection in the cabinet. It sits perfectly on display in the main room. A small garden shed with screened in walls and door is on the side of the house. The front of the house has a small fenced in garden area that has butterflies fluttering around.

Funky Junk – Darcy Cottage Home and Garden Expo
Sway’s – [Zwerg] Garden Gnome
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods
PILOT – Crate Pumpkin Display
what next – Bramley Rocking Chairs

Funky Junk Darcy Cottage

I love this kitchen set for the simplicity of it. LaCahute Country Chic Dining can be found in a gacha at The Gacha Mania. Table, chairs, vitrine (hutch), light, rug, plant, cake stand and many more accessories, and more make up this set. It really is gorgeous and fits perfectly in theme with this cottage. See the gacha key on Khea Karas’ flickr.
Apple Fall Stepladder Table from September 2014 ArcadeSL
Nylon Outfitters Plate Display Cabinet with Bug Girl Art Plates
Half-Deer – Beary Spring Planters
Apple Fall – Apple Line

Funky Junk Darcy Cottage

Scarlet Creative Working from Home Sofa Cotton Sky
Apple Fall Heart (American Flag)/ Ceramic Chubby Squirrel/ Seaside Candle/ Carriage Clock/ Katya’s Pipeline Sideboard/ L’Olivier/ Calla Lilies/ Decorative Artichokes/ American Flag Sketch/ Jute Natural Rug
Apple Fall – Rose Bouquet from Kustom9
Consignment – Bookworm Coffee Rable (no, really. it is a Rable)
tres blah – Charmant Settee – Vintage Rose
Cheeky Pea – Ansel House Terrarium
Trompe Loeil – Paper Lamp Twist

Funky Junk Darcy Cottage

In the loft.
{vespertine}standing mirror/whitewood
tres blah – Decorative Door RARE/ Decorative Fireplace/ French School Chair/ Petite Console Table/ Vanity/ Nail Polishes/ Mirror
Apple Fall Dress Form/ Monogram Luggage Bag/ Reading Pile/ Annan Sidetable/ Ironwork Trellis Rug
Apple Fall Old Roman Bed/ Dolly Lamp from September 2014 ArcadeSL
Scarlet Creative Reve Animated Stool
floorplan. birdcage bookends
Boogers – White Wabbit Bear