blondie framed
KoKoLoRes Pose

I went out and found a couple of new poses to work with taking pictures of yourself wearing jewelry. This is to show the jewelry off better in images if you were a jeweler. Mostly used for ad work, but also good if you are blogging jewelry. Pose fair opened on April 11th. I picked out two poses that would work good with showing jewelry. One from Kokolores and another from Kirin. You can see in the pictures how they’d work well. I also love the attitude shown from the body language in the Kirin pack.

Kirin Pose

The dress is from Stellar at the !nterlude event. The designers were to listen to a song list as inspiration. Lexi chose Blondie – Heart of Glass. I love everything about this dress, and even though it isn’t made for the Maitreya Lara Body it worked well with it. I’ve always admired Lexi’s designs, but this is my first time purchasing one. ❤


To match the dress I went to Flair and found this perfect Maitreya Body nail polish applier. There are several colors in the hud, I chose the brown and yellow fingernail polish to go with this outfit. The toenail polish in this pack only only comes in solid colors.

My blonde hair was picked up at The Seasons Story. Oleander is another “new to me” designer. I love the hairstyle and the blondes texture pack. I do wish that the script could be deleted out of the hair.

The cute shoes are from Ingenue at Collabor88. In the pack are Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya fit shoes. I like the big bow with studs on the top. Betty always makes the perfect shoe.

In keeping with trying out new designers; I found these bracelets at The Dressing Room FUSION. I haven’t shopped there in a really long time. The Cannes Bracelets that I have on are by YS&YS. It has a hud for resizing, and there is no removal of the scripts.

The earrings and necklace are both from ANE. They are from different releases, but go well together. I lean more towards simple jewelry, but I do love the chunky earrings worn here. The Yummy ring is from an older gacha that is still available at her main store location in Tableau.

I could not find a script removal in any of the scripted products. This is something that perhaps designers could look into. SecondLife is laggy enough without us wearing several scripted products.

Kirin – Kimi Pose Pack L$90 Pose Fair
[KoKoLoReS] Portrait me – pose 001 mirror L$35 for the single and L$195 pose pack with mirrors Pose Fair
!Oleander ~ Larkin. Blonde Tones L$250 The Seasons Story
Moon. Hair. // Tourniquet L$375 Variety Pack Uber (blogged here)
YS&YS Cannes bracelets L$50 The Dressing Room FUSION
[Stellar] Divine Dress green L$325 !nterlude
Ingenue :: Christine Heels (Maitreya) :: Latte L$188 Collabor88
Flair – Maitreya Nail Appliers – Set 5 L$160
ANE Botanical Necklace in PALE GOLD
ANE Creeper Earrings Pale Gold
(Yummy) Birthstone Ring – October – Opal

Staples: slurls
-Glam Affair – Amberly Skin – Lovely Day [Asia ] 06 F
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0
Strawberry Singh Eyelash Tattoo
Ikon Hope Eyes – Moor


Jewelry Trip

Jewelry Trip(click to see full detail on flickr)

I am going to try and focus at least once or twice a month on jewelry. I would hope that I know a thing or two about jewelry in SecondLife since I made it for over 10 years. Finding hair and poses that show off your jewelry can be hard. It is great when you can find a hair that shows off the ears for your earrings, and doesn’t cover up too much of the chest where your necklace lies. I’ll try and help you find ones that work.

The three mesh necklaces in this post are from ANE. The first necklace is The Fool necklace found at the Tarot event. This piece is a little edgy with the spikes. In the middle, the Moth Wings Let it Go necklace can be worn with the words or just with all moth wings. Very pretty and easy to wear with most anything. My favorite of the three is the Botanical necklace. I really love delicate necklaces and wear them in real life. This is also more the style that I stuck to when I made jewelry.

For these shots I used !bang poses 475-479 pack, which can be found at the Shiny Shabby event. The poses I chose for the shots have the model standing upright with a slight turn to the left and the right.

I have never worn Moon hair before, but I loved this one so much that I had to have it. This hairstyle is swept to one side allowing one of the ears to showcase your earrings, and it has ample room for the necklace on the chest. I bought this at Uber in the variety pack because I needed all of the colors.

The off the shoulder dress is from Tee*fy. A dress in this style works really well with necklaces that lay on your upper chest. The dress texture was too busy for the long necklace. The piece gets lost in the chevron print. I chose my Tres Blah Angora sweater to wear with that. Both the dress and the top are at Collabor88 for a few more days. Very few. You should be able to find them later at the mainstore, and you can find the locations on my slurls page.

Jewelry Trip (click to see full detail on flickr)

Because I also love to decorate! The rectangular framed pictures are from Trompe Loeil at FaMESHed. The rest of the decor is from Apple Fall. Caroline is getting ready to go on a trip. She has her map out for last minute planning, luggage packed, and is grabbing a quick bite of a muffin before hitting the subway.

ANE Moth Wings Let it Go Necklace – We ❤ RP
ANE Botanical Necklace – Kustom 9
ANE The Fool Necklace – Tarot event
!bang – stands 475-479 – Shiny Shabby
Moon. Hair. // Tourniquet – Uber
Tee*fy Kira Off-Shoulder Dress – Classic – Collabor88
-tres blah- Angora Sweater – Powder Pink Collabor88
Ingenue – Laura Heels (Maitreya) :: Noir Collabor88
Rowne .Actress – Sunglass (Black) gacha
-tres blah- Kinley Skirt – Ombre (you can’t really see the whole skirt, but I’m wearing it. See it here.)
-Glam Affair – Amberly Skin – Lovely Day [Asia ] 06 F
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0
Strawberry Singh Eyelash Tattoo
Ikon Hope Eyes – Moor
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Princess Diamond Earrings

Trompe Loeil – Enfield Wall Art – FaMESHed
Apple Fall Eclectic Entry Fatpack – FaMESHed ( Verdant Oil Painting, Atelier Pendant Lamp, Books & Map, Coffee & Muffin, Plan Chest, Rug, Roses Box, and Leather Moccasins)
Apple Fall Nardyas’ Tulips in Mason Jar The Liaison Collaborative
Trompe Loeil – Amelia Loveseat Leather Brown
Apple Fall Annan Sidetable, Banana Tree, Gilt Frame, and Monogram Luggage Bag

Mossy Daybreak

Mossy Daybreak

Early in the morning, before you even get out of bed, the fairies are dancing around the meadows. They tell stories of playing chase with birds and reading books with turtles. These fairies sing to the flowers to wake them up for you and I to enjoy throughout the day. These are the fairies of the mossy meadows.

The Arcade (ends March 31)
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal – Tree Stump Garden
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal – Tree Stump Chair – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal – Gardener Tortoise (rez) SECRET
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal – Book of the Dragonfly (rez)
dust bunny . garden wheelbarrow
dust bunny . garden pump . pink
dust bunny . lily greenhouse
dust bunny . makeshift mailbox . pink
dust bunny . porcelain deer . ivory
!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion]
!Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy [Companion]
Skye Enchanted Woods Trees with Bolt On Spring Flowers

Glam Affair – Amberly Skin – Lovely Day [Asia ] Collabor88
Blueberry – Beaded Rompers – Maitreya – White No.21
Exile – Take The Arcade
Atomic – {Gacha} Sweet Deer – Romantic Necklace The Arcade
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Strawberry Singh Eyelash Tattoo
Ikon Hope Eyes – Moor

The Artist

Subway Artist

We may never see the eyes behind this easel. I imagine being the person who made the pictures posted on this easel. Every day taking it all in. Maybe play a song every once in a while. People pass by here all of the time. They’re either looking for the metro, which is closed and is a story in itself, or strolling by for a bite or some shopping. Whatever the case, he tries to get them to notice his art by playing the guitar. Hoping for a sale or a tip so that he can buy dinner. Or maybe he just enjoys art and this is simply his pastime. After writing this I found a picture on flickr that is exactly what I imagined this artist doing. Check out Sunny George’s picture featuring this set and the rest of his stunning artwork.

Subway Art

The attention to detail on Apple Fall products is one of the reasons I enjoy collecting them. Yes, those are individual strings on the guitar. Perfect reflections are seen on the bottles, wing nuts not forgotten on the easel, and splatters of paint on the wood. Some think the work is too realistic, and others are as fond of it as I am.

The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Fall Photographers’ Easel
Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar
Apple Fall Metro Entrance
8f8 – unexpected Journey – The Middle of Nowhere SIGN
8f8 – unexpected journey – All My Stuff Luggage TROLLEY – Hers

Other background items
Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store
Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
8f8 – Vintage IceDreams Cart
Trompe Loeil – Valiano Lamp Post Copper

Fine Wine

Apple Fall has a new Al Fresco dining set at Shiny Shabby for March. Here I have the parasol, table, chair, and wine set. I think it goes well with the 8f8 Primavera in Toscana houses from The Arcade. Apple Fall has also made seven new poses for the chairs. These poses are pretty well done, and a welcomed addition.

Al Fresco

Shiny Shabby event March 20- April 15
Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
checkout the complete set

8f8 – primavera in Toscana Mansion RARE from The Arcade
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Manor RARE from The Arcade
Apple Fall Banana Tree
Apple Fall L’Olivier
ISPACHI – The Odyssey : Cutting Board

My outfit is blogged here


For some reason I seem to get more faves/likes and views when I do decor posts than fashion. I don’t usually think that I need a new house and furniture as much as I do a new outfit. At least I tell myself that. Actually, I probably actually change my house and furniture just as often. I do enjoy doing these kinds of posts. But I do wonder if I should Only do decor posts.

toscana morning

One of my favorite sets right now is the 8f8 Primavera in Toscana set from The Arcade. I have heard people complain that 8f8 sets are just too large. But think of it, you get the houses and all of the furnishings for just under L$2,000. That is unheard of if you were to go buy each individual piece from a store. Of course to come under this price means you got each piece for L$50, and you didn’t over pay for a rare item. The Arcade is open until the end of this month. But don’t worry if you can’t get all of the pieces there. I usually find missing items at yard sales. Sometimes for well below pull price.

toscana morning

I showed you the downstairs and outside in a previous post. Today I’m inviting you upstairs. I really love the balconies, and I can just imagine a real Tuscan view. The rooms are large and very open. You could put the bathroom up here along with the bedroom if you choose to.

toscana morning

In my pictures I imagined waking up to the bright morning sun in my comfy bed. I see my clothes tossed on the floor from a long fun night. After taking in the breathtaking view, I grab my keys and lipstick before heading out on a new adventure.

The Arcade March 2015
8f8 Primavera in Toscana – Mansion, Bed, Nighstands, End Bench, Cupboard, Towels Stand, Curtains, Small Cupboard, Wooden Sifters
Zaara [home] : Block prints
dust bunny . spring reading, blossoming flowers, delilah chair white, rose table white, tea time, baby breath vase
AMITOMO.Bon Voyage Gacha 9. Gladstone bag#4
Half-Deer – Spring Eternal – Book of the Butterfly
Scarlet Creative Amelie Basket Mod Trans
tres blah- Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes, Catch All

Trees outside go perfectly with this set
Dysfunctional Designs [DDD] Mediterranean Cypress

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee


I do love my morning coffee. Rarely do I get to sit around at a table and drink it. I’m usually rushing off to work with my cup in hand. But on this day, and in this life, I am in the new Hideki Bakery enjoying my Sari Sari Cafe Latte. Plus I found a little extra time to catch up on some reading in a fashion magazine. The Hideki Bakery Chairs have very manly animations in them. Not so great for female avatars. Today I am wearing a completely new outfit that I picked up at Collabor88. I love how soft the Tres Blah sweater looks, and the trendy high waist Secret Store pants. Ingenue always makes shoes that are perfect for most any attire. I adore the little bows placed on the Laura heels. My gorgeous make up is from Glam Affair and my hair is done by Exile.

Ingenue Laura

Glam Affair – Amberly Skin – Lovely Day [Asia ]
tres blah- Angora Sweater – Powder Pink
Exile – Touch so Warm
Ingenue – Laura Heels (Maitreya) :: Noir
The Secret Store – Audrey Pleated Pants – Chevrons Mix

The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – The bakery, Bakery Chair, Bakery Table, Counter, Donut Shelf, Bread Shelf A, B, & C
Apple Fall Daffodils Jug

tres blah – Hodgepodge – Morning Start, Dirty Dishes, Refreshments
Sari-Sari – Cafe Happy – Cafe Latte
MishMish – Pug and The Nachos
MishMish – Pugs Love TV – The one with the pug

dust bunny . bakery text (from dust bunny bakery)
Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup
Kirin Aiko Pose

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Strawberry Singh Eyelash Tattoo
Ikon Hope Eyes – Moor