Genesis Kiana

Genesis Kiana

Genesis is celebrating 3 years in Second Life. On Monday, September 25th, Genesis gave out a new bento head to the in world group. The join fee is only L$250.  It was originally only for 24 hours. But, according to a group notice they will be closing the group soon and sending out an updated and upgraded version. So, I assume if you missed it that you will still have a chance. As long as you joined the group before they closed it. I am not 100% sure this is how it will be done, but the group notice sort of sounds like it. It looks like the group might be closed now.

I really love this head. These eyebrows are a bit bushy for my taste, but over all I am very pleased with Genesis Kiana. The package came with an omega version, and I will try other creators skins on it soon. You can get the Omega System Installer on Marketplace or in-world. I’ll be trying it with Glam Affair soon enough. You know I love that brand skin. I picked up the Maitreya body appliers in all tones for just $L200 at the Genesis store.

Kiana comes with an animations hud. 12 animations plus static eye, mouth, tongue movements. You can turn blinking and talking off. The other hud includes 12 eyeliners and eyeshadows. Also on the hud are blush, contour, and lipsticks. This hud also has a tab called genetics for eye color, eye lashes, ear color, teeth shape, and tongue effects/color. Beauty marks and hair base are also found on the genetics tab. The final tab is called settings. Here you find neck colors, braces, piercings, and skin shine.

This is a really nice bento head, and it was only for the group join fee. I am happy with the look I created and look forward to wearing it more.

Genesis_Head_KIANA Bento – 3rd Anniversary – Limited Edition
Exile:: Break the Rules (BENTO) + Hat @C88
Cae :: Naomi :: Necklace and Earrings @Cosmopolitan
(Yummy) Illuminati Ring set – Rose Gold @ N21
OSMIA – Jessica.Top – Maitreya @ N21
Blueberry – Serena – Jeans Cutiebootie – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body & Bento Hands – Lara

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