Cactus on my Head – Simone 2.1

Cactus Head

LeLutka updated the Simone bento head to 2.1. You can learn more about Simone on the LeLutka blog.

Here is what was updated according to the included notecard:

Head version 2.1

Pose lock will persist after teleport/relog

Added BLEND slider to the brow layer
Button to open the SAVE LAYER SLOTS panel is more noticeable
Save Layer Slots panel:
Added confirmation dialog to Clear Presets
Clearing individual preset slots now clears the data (rather than just the slot color)
Removed debug message indicating current memory usage in the preset memory script after completing a save

Labels on eye controls adjusted to help understand functions
Fixed a bug causing the expressions browser to sometimes (rarely) fail to sync on login

Config (≡):
Added “Redeliver” button

Tattoo layer now fully covers eyelids
Looped expressions and animations should now be more resilient against other designers’ products which stop all animations
Most appliers (old and new) will now force the targeted layer fully visible regardless of whether they were configured to do so
Longer Lashes

Shop the Look:

LODE Head Accessory – Christmas Cactus Blossoms [violet]
Glam Affair – Serah ( LeLutka Applier ) @ Project Se7en
Glam Affair – Lucrezia ( LeLutka Applier ) @ Uber
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara
IKON – Triumph Eyes – Fjord
FATE Eye Poser v2.2

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