A Few New Looks for LAQ Trinity

Looks of LAQ Trinity MBA

Mesh Body Addicts Fair starts August 1. I visited the fair today and picked up any demo applier I saw that mentioned it was for LAQ. We all have different looks that make us who we are. What I might love you might not like. You can tell just by walking into the LAQ store that Trinity has many faces. Here are 4 that I found at the MBA Fair.

First: 7 Deadly s[K]ins. This is Patchouli shown in marchmellow. Price 750L$

Second: DBF (Deluxe Body Factory) Tindra Skin shown in Latte. Price 950L$

Third: is LAKSHMI Davina shown in Medium. Price 800L$

Fourth is YS&YS Roby shown in Tone 03. Price 990L$

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Two Years Ago..

Two years ago ..
(click picture to view on Flickr)

July marks 2 years of this fashion blog. I have been in Second Life since 2003, but was a content creator 10 years. I have seen improvement in my pictures and blogging as I continue to grow. Hopefully we can all hang out a good while longer. One thing I recently started doing on and off is using the profile picture in Second Life. Have you ever used yours? In the Firestorm viewer you select Upload to Profile from your snapshot viewer.

Hair Fair ends July 31. Some of the sales proceeds go to Wigs for Kids. I always try a new-to-me hair designer each year. Stealthic is new to Second Life since 2014, and her first hair style on Flickr is January 2016. Her hairstyles have a soft to touch look. The one I am wearing is called Vapor. I love the look. July 31 is bandana day. You can pick one up for 50L (here) to show your support.

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My Favorite New Face


I have been keeping my eye out for the release of this mesh head from LAQ. I was finally able to buy it today. I had already bought a makeup applier for it before I even bought the head. (I also buy a lot of Catwa appliers too and I don’t own one, yet). I was so happy when I tried it on with the Glam Affair makeup applier. I love this mesh head. It is gorgeous. I am gorgeous.


The soft and sexy hairstyle is Pippa by Mina. You can get this at Hair Fair. The poses are new from EverGlow, and she is having a 50% off all poses sale! The jewelry I blogged yesterday, but in case you missed it, Cae has made a sweet collection consisting of earrings, necklace, and a charm bracelet. Continue reading My Favorite New Face

Aloha From SecondLife

Aloha From SL

Aloha from SecondLife! We are on the Trompe Loeil Stella River Barge enjoying some cold popsicles from Kirin. These new sexy swimsuits are from Neve by ColdLogic. There are 4 styles in a variety of colors. The new hairstyles are from Truth Hair. Each gorgeous in its own way. The jewelry is a mixture of sets. The Cae anchor neckace and earrings are at Cosmopolitan this month, the cupcake necklace earrings, and charm bracelet will be at The Gacha Garden starting August 1. These cute poses come with popsicles and are new from Kirin.


Feel free to borrow my barge for pictures while it is ashore. Location: Lo Lo

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Kitties Gone Wild with the Groceries

Kitties Gone Wild

What is it about cats and bags? They love to play with them. I am just trying to bring my groceries inside and they are all getting into the paper bags. Then we have the one pointing to the list making sure I bought the cat food, and another one ordering boxes on the internet. Notice the princess is missing though. Obviously not a mischievous cat (either that or the gacha machine wouldn’t give her to me).


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