For some reason I seem to get more faves/likes and views when I do decor posts than fashion. I don’t usually think that I need a new house and furniture as much as I do a new outfit. At least I tell myself that. Actually, I probably actually change my house and furniture just as often. I do enjoy doing these kinds of posts. But I do wonder if I should Only do decor posts.

toscana morning

One of my favorite sets right now is the 8f8 Primavera in Toscana set from The Arcade. I have heard people complain that 8f8 sets are just too large. But think of it, you get the houses and all of the furnishings for just under L$2,000. That is unheard of if you were to go buy each individual piece from a store. Of course to come under this price means you got each piece for L$50, and you didn’t over pay for a rare item. The Arcade is open until the end of this month. But don’t worry if you can’t get all of the pieces there. I usually find missing items at yard sales. Sometimes for well below pull price.

toscana morning

I showed you the downstairs and outside in a previous post. Today I’m inviting you upstairs. I really love the balconies, and I can just imagine a real Tuscan view. The rooms are large and very open. You could put the bathroom up here along with the bedroom if you choose to.

toscana morning

In my pictures I imagined waking up to the bright morning sun in my comfy bed. I see my clothes tossed on the floor from a long fun night. After taking in the breathtaking view, I grab my keys and lipstick before heading out on a new adventure.

The Arcade March 2015
8f8 Primavera in Toscana – Mansion, Bed, Nighstands, End Bench, Cupboard, Towels Stand, Curtains, Small Cupboard, Wooden Sifters
Zaara [home] : Block prints
dust bunny . spring reading, blossoming flowers, delilah chair white, rose table white, tea time, baby breath vase
AMITOMO.Bon Voyage Gacha 9. Gladstone bag#4
Half-Deer – Spring Eternal – Book of the Butterfly
Scarlet Creative Amelie Basket Mod Trans
tres blah- Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes, Catch All

Trees outside go perfectly with this set
Dysfunctional Designs [DDD] Mediterranean Cypress

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