Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Not to long ago I went on a visit to Notting Hill while it was open to the public. The sim is gorgeous. Full of vibrant colors from the leaves welcoming fall. In the middle of Notting Hill is a park for the kids to play in, and a cozy fireplace for the adults to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by. If you look around back you will find a neat little area to watch movies. At the end of the street is The Village Cafe. And you should know that I love little cafes. The cafe is as inviting as the rest of the sim.

Village Cafe @ Notting Hill

Inside I found pieces from my favorite builder, Apple Fall. There was a also a touch of cuteness from MishMish, baked goods from 8f8, and added elegance from Zaara.

Village Cafe @ Notting Hill

While we are on the subject of cafes and baked goods let me show you these limited edition Spoopy Cupcakes at Atelier Kreslo. These cute cupcakes have little eyeball candies on the top of the yummy looking frosting. These treats were made by flowey. Only available until November 1st! (this spoopy picture was not taken at Notting Hill)

Spoopy Cupcakes

Spoopy Cupcakes by Flowey @Atelier Kreslo
Tres Blah cake platter

Notting Hill sim. Quite possibly closed to the public.
Only the cupcakes are my items, so I won’t be listing the rest. Though I could probably tell you where to get some of the other items pictured if you are curious.

Find more group pictues of Notting Hill on Flickr.

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